Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wonderment in Death (In Death #41.5), by J.D. Robb (author), Susan Ericksen (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, ISBN 9781501223778, September 2015

Dallas, Peabody, and friends and colleagues are back for a novella about a case that strikes a bit closer to  home than most. Dallas and Peabody are called to the scene of an apparent murder/suicide--it appears that Darlene Fitzwilliams came to the home of her brother Marcus after an argument earlier in the day, stabbed him to death with sewing shears, and then went out to the balcony of his 52nd floor apartment and jumped to her death.

But the siblings' friends insist that Darlene could not have done either thing--and despite clear evidence that she was high, they also insist that she was not a drug user.

And those friends include Louise Dimatto and Charles Monroe.

As she starts to investigate, Dallas finds that she agrees: Something is very wrong with the obvious picture that presents itself. She and Peabody dig in to find the clues to what went wrong in the last months of Darlene's life, and track down a canny but crazy killer.

At novella length, there isn't space for all the development that would happen in a full novel, but Robb does a lot with the space she has, and the pace is correspondingly faster. It's a nice little addition to the series, and something to hold the reader over till the next full novel comes out in February.

I bought this book.

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