Friday, October 17, 2014

Festive in Death (In Death #39), by J.D. Robb (author), Susan Erickson (narrator)

Brilliance Audio, September 2014

Eve Dallas is back, and the Christmas season is upon her. Before the challenges of celebrating and gift-giving overtake her, she gets a more familiar challenge: Trey Ziegler, personal trainer, self-absorbed jerk, murder victim. He's found with a knife in his chest by his most recent ex-girlfriend and her buddy/boss, Trina--the hairdresser and cosmetologist who terrorizes Dallas whenever she needs to make a major social appearance. Trina, no fool, takes one look at the dead body and calls Dallas.

Dallas starts digging through Ziegler's life, and quickly discovers an impressive list of people (ex-girlfriends, female clients, their husbands, etc.) who arguably have very good reason to want to kill Ziegler.

While working her way through the murder investigation, Dallas is also stressing through the preparations for Christmas--including, at Summerset's insistence, participating in preparations for their big holiday party. Her shopping expedition under the guidance of underage entrepreneur Tiko is absolutely hilarious.

This is a fun new entry in the series. The characters continue to grow, Eve's world continues to expand, and there are always entertaining new twists.


I bought this book.

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