Friday, July 4, 2014

Blue Midnight (Blue Mountain #1), by Tess Thompson

Booktrope, ISBN 9781620154601, June 2014

Blythe Heywood is trying to rebuild her life after her marriage of thirteen years ends when her husband leaves her for a young associate at his law firm. She's submerged everything in trying to be the perfect wife to Michael and mother to their two children, Lola and Clementine, and she's not really sure who she is anymore.

But as she packs up her belongings and moves herself and the two girls across town to a smaller house, she finds a scrape of paper with a phone number and a name.

Finn Lanigan. A man she met at a music festival in Idaho, and knew for three days before returning home to marry her fiancé and live the safe, secure life she has sought since childhood. Finn had wanted her to stay, and had told her to call if she ever changed her mind.

When her ex-husband and his new wife take the girls for a family vacation in Hawaii, Blythe lets her sister Bliss talk her into doing something completely mad--heading off to tiny Peregrine, Idaho to find out what's happened to Finn and if there are still any sparks there.

What she finds in Peregrine will upend most of her ideas about herself, her marriage, love, loyalty, family, and forgiveness.

Blythe is a thoroughly human character, who learns to rethink her assumptions, reexamine her choices, and open herself to vulnerability and love, as well as learning to forgive the betrayals that have hurt her. Nor is she the only character here who has to struggle with betrayal, understanding, and forgiveness. It's an enjoyable, satisfying, and kind story.


I received a free electronic galley from the publisher.

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