Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Found (The Missing #1), by Margaret Peterson Haddix (author), Chris Sorensen (narrator)

Recorded Books, ISBN 9781456104979, March 2011 (original publication April 2008)

Jonah Skidmore is adopted and thirteen years old. He's always been comfortable with this, and finds his sister Katherine, one year younger and not adopted, no more irritating than most boys his age find their sisters.

Then Jonah and his friend Chip, who is also adopted, get mysterious and vaguely threatening letters, telling them that they are among the "missing," and that someone is coming to get them back.

They start asking questions about their adoptions, and Jonah's father contacts the agency Jonah came from. He's given a name, James Reardon, who may have more information about where Jonah came from.

He's with the FBI.

On a visit to his office with their parents, Jonah and Katherine get a list of other names of children adopted at the same time they were. They have to sneak; Reardon apparently had nothing he wanted to tell them, but only to make clear to the Skidmores that any questions could result in Jonah being deported.

What is going on?

As more and more strange events surround Jonah and Chip, and they learn that other children on the mysterious list are getting letters, too,

The story is fast-paced, clever, and deals honestly with the feelings and frustrations of adopted children.

It should also be noted that this is the first of a series, and while there is a resolution of a sort at the end, it's also the beginning of the longer, larger story.

A strong opening to a series.

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I bought this book.

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