Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Back Channel (The Human Division #6), by John Scalzi (author), William Dufris (narrator)

Audible Frontiers, February 2013

The Colonial Union doesn't want another war with the Conclave, an alliance of four hundred alien species--a war that might wipe out humans in the galaxy. General Gau, leader of the Conclave, also wants to avoid a war, having noticed that the Conclave did not actually win the last one.

But there's a growing faction in the Conclave that does want war, and wildcat human colonies that just happen to include a few Colonial Defense Forces soldiers, risk giving them the excuse they need. Determined to avoid this, General Gau sends out a very private emissary for "back channel" negotiations to persuade the Colonial Union to "deal with" the offending colonies.

But some of the wildcat colonies aren't interested in cooperating. Can a solution be found in time?

This is the sixth of the thirteen episodes of The Human Division, and it's a good one.


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