Friday, May 14, 2010

The Kong Rocket--for your "mad about fetch" dog

Recently The Kong Company sent me a free sample of the new Kong Rocket to try out with my dog.

The Rocket is a ball launcher, about two feet long, and able to hold balls from about two inches to about three and a half inches in diameter. Two balls, a larger one and a smaller one, are included, and both balls have squeakers.

The Rocket has makes it really easy to get more distance, power, and accuracy with your throws. And when your dog brings the ball back and drops it at your feet, with the Rocket you can easily pick it up again--without touching the now-slobbery ball with your hand.

Sadly, my little dog is only slowly adjusting to this, in her eyes, Unnatural way of playing fetch. However, I'm confident that this is not a case of the human thinking something is really cool while dogs think it's boring. That's because I had a friend try it out with her fifteen-week-old Briard puppy. He's not quite down on the rules of Fetch, yet, but he loved chasing the ball!

I'm disappointed that my dog is not taking to the Kong Rocket more readily, but I'm confident that this is going to be a real hit with the ball-crazy crowd, the retrievers and spaniels and herders--and of course their owners.


  1. One of the few disappointing things about my two dachshunds is that they have no retrieve drive whatsoever. Tennis balls hold zero appeal for them. Their thinking is essentially "Look, I already checked out the ball the first time, and I'm not impressed. It rolls to a stop and just sits there. Why did you think I'd continue to care about it now? Got any chipmunks? I like chipmunks. And rabbits. Those are fun."

  2. Besides, if you wanted the toy, why did you throw it away? Silly human!

  3. I think the puppy was distracted by the vuvuzelas.

  4. Having heard them, I wouldn't doubt it. Lord, those things are--carrying.